Program in Spiritual Psychology

This program focuses on the dynamics and processes of individual psycho-spiritual development. The program teaches professionals to work responsibly and constructively with the spiritual dimension in individuals, and to integrate it with the bio-psycho-social dimensions of experience. The core of the program is an eight month course, consisting of monthly weekend training seminars on the principles and practice of Spiritual Psychology, supplemented by reading, practicum, personal work and/or supervision, writing, and small group tutorials. Readings, drawn from a wide range of disciplines, illustrate the principles underlying the process of psycho-spiritual development from different perspectives. Practicum, personal work/supervision, writing, and tutorials all focus on increasing skill in use of these principles in professional work. Some consideration is also given to the use of these principles in group work. Admission is by application.

Participation in this core program is usually preceded by attending an Introductory Weekend, or a three month Foundation Training Series. These programs enable participants to get an initial sense of this approach and to create a foundation of understanding and experience on which the longer training can build. Upon completion of the core program, for further study trainees select between specialized advanced courses, individual and/or group supervision, and/or further training in related disciplines.

Program in Group Development and Leadership

This program focuses on the dynamics and processes of group development and leadership, seen within a spiritual context. The program teaches professionals to work responsibly and constructively with the spiritual dimension in groups, and to integrate it with the psycho-social and organizational dimensions of group life. Central to this work is learning how to develop within a group what the physicist David Bohm called a "coherent microculture" in which each group member has simultaneously the experience of community and freedom, and is able to play a creative and contributing role as him/herself in group purpose and activity. The principles of this approach-"the Corona Process"- are applicable in therapeutic, educational, and organizational group settings, and are particularly useful in environments where groups are having difficulty dealing with stress, conflict, and diversity.

On-site consulting, using this approach, is also available. Focus can be on training the group to include these ideas and skills in their on-going work, or on consulting with the group on its particular issues, using this perspective, or a combination of the two. Individual coaching can also be part of this consultation, as often issues in an established group need to be addressed at the individual level as well as in the group as a whole.

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