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Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening

by Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D.

I am glad to announce that the book I have been writing for several years is now finished and available. Holy Fire is the fruit of my lifelong spiritual journey as well as my extensive professional work in the fields of Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology over the decades. I offer it to all those who are seeking to understand more deeply, and to live more fully, the life of the soul on earth.

From the Preface: This book is about human beauty — the deep beauty of the soul as it emerges and shines more and more fully within us. It is about the process by which this emergence comes to be, and the vicissitudes of the journey that we take in order to be fulfilled in this way. It is a report from the 50 years or so of what I have experienced and learned from working with others to support and nourish this soul birth and journey within their lives, and it is also a reflection on my own experience of this birth and journey and the experiences along the way that have led to understanding this process more clearly and deeply.

Details: Paperback, 266 pages, $20. Booksmyth Press.
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Praise for Holy Fire

    Holy Fire is a great gift — the distilled wisdom of a lifetime of pioneering work on the frontiers of human psychology. Tom Yeomans embraces both ourselves and the wounded Earth in this healing journey. New ways of being and living emerge from this journey that are vastly more satisfying, collaborative and creative.
Duane Elgin (USA), author of The Living Universe, Voluntary Simplicity, Awakening Earth and other books

    Tom Yeomans is a pioneering psychotherapist who integrates Roberto Assagioli's Psychosynthesis with Gestalt work and influences from Jung, Tillich, and other major thinkers. Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening is his masterwork. This book is essential reading for anyone with a depth concern with transpersonal psychology. It is especially valuable for those grounded in Psychosynthesis, since it provides a creative revisionist view of Assagioli‚Äôs great contribution. This is a necessary contribution to the literature on human evolution.
Michael Lerner (USA), Founder, Commonweal, Bolinas CA

    Honed from a lifelong career informed by Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology, Dr. Yeomans steps beyond his training and into the direct exploration and cultivation of the Soul. His work is designed to set the Soul alive as a fire on Earth to renew, restore, and show the way ahead, both for the individual and society. This seminal work is based on a lifetime of practice, teaching, and training professionals. The practical vision set forth here supports the individual in the essential work of self and soul development, and gradual liberation from the traumatizing defenses acquired during the course of growth and development in a social context unconscious of the Soul. The release of Soul energy through the lessening of these defenses allows each of us to take our place in the greater Whole via the Here and Now. And this experience in turn shapes the necessary decisions, directions, and work needed to make our world supportive of the flowering of Humankind.
Kathy Sanders M.D., (USA) Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

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